Saturday, December 15, 2012

Production of Robots by means of Rowe-bots

Suddenly it's robots everywhere. Sandwichman got the jump on this trend back in July with the New Robot Economist Pop-up Theatre. Nick Rowe at Worthwhile Canadian Initiative has joined the fray with a post on the Production of Robots by Means of Robots.

In his post, Nick presents a "model" of how a robot economy might work, ignoring land, which he expresses as C + I/a = L + K and Kdot = I. He later modifies his model to include land: C + I/a = (L + K)b.N1-b.

The Sandwichman's youtube clip also contains a model. It is a physical model constructed of cardboard (pasteboard) and string rather than a mathematical model but it wouldn't be difficult -- just unnecessary and pedantic -- to express mathematically how the arms, legs and jaw will move in response to a pull on the string.

Which brings me to a question. In what way is Nick's mathematical model of a robot economy any improvement over Sandwichman's pasteboard jumping-jack model of Nick Rowe?

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