Sunday, October 16, 2011

Animated Sandwichman

Here is a photo of the Sandwichman, all dressed up in his frock coat and sandwich board, on his way down to the Occupy Vancouver October 15 event.
(Sande Waters photo)
The puppet hanging on the board is Paul Samuelson, iconic mathturbater and textbook author, whose Economics taught a generation of economists to bark like trained seals, "Lump-of-labor fallacy! Lump of labor fallacy!" The mouth opens and closes; the arms and legs flap.

In the background is the enigmatic slogan "only so much work to go 'round" -- the idea that "cannot withstand a nanosecond of thought" and thus gets recited thoughtlessly by economists who "half understand an ancient textbook legend, the premises of which they have forgotten."
Listening (Brian Roche photo)


  1. Again, thanks a lot for the pamphlet!

  2. Never looked better Tom, Good Luck! JMP